Facebook...toward decline?

By November 2, 2013 March 11th, 2019 Partners
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declino facebook

Does the giant Facebook, still the creature of that 19-year-old now known to all, dominate unchallenged?

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular, the most widely used ( more than one billion registered users ) web platform. Write Facebook, read THE social network, THE social network.

It is similar to a large shopping mall that offers free space from which a large number of patrons transit, who are also interested in many ( too many ) other things.

Yet it begins to circulate, in the endless networks of the Web, among the thousands of information sites, among one blog and another, the fear, the data, the truths.

Facebook is losing users . Keep Calm, no need to be alarmed, we will use. The Facebook much longer.
Yet the figure is not even to be underestimated. Perhaps not even to be overly surprised.

Social is the clearest, most limpid representation, visible to all, of what sociologist Bauman calls liquid modernity.
Today, culture is also a product, a disposable brand. There is no more room for "the now, and forever!"

Teenagers , users migrate a little here, a little there, hate monotony, caught up in the (sometimes absurd) frenzy they want new experiences, knock on the door of Google+, then spend a week on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr... whole days on Instagram taking pictures of clothes, food, homes, themselves.
Perhaps the fateful phrase "is free and always will be".

A survey conducted by Time Health & Family highlighted some causes of discontent among users.
- Privacy, or rather the lack of it, is the reason why many users decide to leave Facebook. Users do not know how their data is used, and this is a problem.
- Many users have realized that Facebook wastes their time and decide to change their priorities
- Other users, however, have realized that Facebook makes them sadder and that friendships via Facebook are too superficial
- Finally, some people realize that Facebook has become a real drug.

The question being asked has no answer, momentarily
...is the sunset of so much dominance on the web starting?

Federico Giovanni Rega for Creact.it

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