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Raphael Gaito

We had a chat with Raphael Gaito to tell his digital history and understand more about his entrepreneurial approach. What immediately strikes you about Raphael is his availability (he can always find a moment for you even if he is very busy) and his endless curiosity. These are two very useful qualities for those who choose to do business when accompanied by excellent organization.

From Mangatar to the Growth Hacking event, how did you reuse the skills you acquired in game development?

Mangatar was not my first venture. I've been writing code since I was a kid and I've been doing business since I was 20, so a lot of water had already passed under the bridge 😉
Especially that experience gave me so much in two respects:

  1. brought me closer to the whole startup world (which I absolutely didn't know existed) discovering an interesting universe of people, dynamics, literature, processes and so much more
  2. made me realize the importance of certain product aspects that are far more advanced in the video game world than in other industries. Even today, I still believe that many industries would have something to learn from the video game world

We know you train to be Batman. Is it important to have a figurehead for your business and professional growth?

That of Batman is something always experienced between serious and facetious by those who follow me. It's actually very serious for me. I love Batman because of what he represents, the fact that he finds himself being a superhero without having any particular powers.

If we broaden the discussion, I believe that reference figures are very important, both for personal and business growth. We are all, inevitably, influenced by someone or something in the decisions (big and small) we make in our lives, and having role models often helps in making these decisions.

Obviously under two conditions:

  1. remembering that no one has the magic formula and the answer to all our questions
  2. Being aware that patterns can (and should) change over time based on our changes

At TedX Salerno 2018 you spoke about the importance of perseverance and patience in a world of the now. How do you train them in your BatCave?

It would take an hour to talk about this, but the short version of the answer is that I train patience and perseverance by working mainly on 5 aspects: habits; goals; experimentation; failure; and resilience.
Little by little, this 5-ingredient mix has turned into the perfect recipe for me. That doesn't mean it can work for everyone, but in my case it is a huge help.

What is the key characteristic of a project that can convince potential investors?

In my opinion there are several, but if I had to choose only one, it is the go-to-market strategy. That is: how do you go from theory to practice?
It's all very well when we look at the presentations, business plans and video presentations, but then how is that team going to get that idea up and running and achieve those results in the assumed timeframe.
The go-to-market strategy is that moment when you cannot lie, you have to say concretely what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. If you get that one wrong, you're screwed.

Identikit of the entrepreneur

Raphael Growth Hacker

Raffaele Gaito, Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Trainer

His advice for your digital project: Starting tomorrow, start creating content and cultivating your community

Distinguishing marks: He trains to become Batman. He needs constant stimulation otherwise he gets bored. He calls himself multipotential.

Business Story

From Salerno, class of '84, he started his first blog at 17 and launched his first company at 20. He graduated with honors in computer science with a thesis on artificial intelligence published in a paper and used by one of the largest multinationals Of video games in the world.

He has lived in Italy, France, Iceland, England, and California, launching dozens of products in different web and mobile sectors. In 2017, he published "Growth Hacker. Mindset and tools to grow your business." with Franco Angeli.

What is he doing now

He supports companies, startups and professionals in their projects through consulting, training and coaching. He conducts training and public speaking and invests in evangelism and outreach towards digital through blogs, videos and lots of content on social media.

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