Google Ads Lead Form: extension arrives to collect leads

By October 21, 2019 January 28th, 2020 Tips & tricks
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Google is testing Lead Form, that is, a form that opens from the ad in which the user can leave a contact.
The Google Ads form is a new tool that allows us to capture the interest of potential customers who are looking for us or are searching for our products or services.
Lead forms function only as extension for Search campaigns so bidding and targeting settings are inherited from the campaign to which the extension is linked.
Conversion will be tracked every time there is a click on the form, when a user submits their information instead a lead conversion will be counted.
We can check the trend by segmenting the performance report by Click and Conversion-type.
To create and use a lead extension on search the account must be in a non-sensitive vertical or a sub-vertical. Some verticals are not eligible for this type of extension.

google contact form

How to use the lead forms extension in your Search Ads campaign

When the extension is available on your account here is how you can get the lead extension from your Google Search campaigns:
  1. Log into your Google Ads account, in the menu on the left hand side search and click on Campaigns.
  2. Click the + button and select  New Campanga
  3. In the objectives section, select Leads.
  4. Under "Campaign Type," select. Search and click on Continued.
  5. Enter your campaign settings.
  6. In the add extensions list, select Lead form extension.
  7. Create the extension call to action and enter your own text for the extension. The call to action will automatically be translated into the user's long but the extension text will not.
  8. Create the form by entering a title, company name, and description. Choose the information to ask the user and enter the Url of your privacy policy.
  9. Enter a thank-you message for submission with a title and description and save

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