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MailUp today made available the third edition of Email Marketing Statistics, a statistical observatory on the world of email marketing.
The study collects statistical data from all customers registered with MailUp for a total annual sending of about 12 billion emails.

Let's start with easy-to-read statistical data.
percentuale newsletter recapitate
94% of the sent emails are positively delivered, a sign of the good average quality of the lists. To consider the low volume of shares the result of an immature "call-to-action" activity within the sent emails. Given that we will analyze below in more detail

Over 30% of emails are now read by smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it becomes paramount to create a responsive template that can adapt to screen size.

Among DEMs and newsletters, it is the latter that obtains the highest CTR percentages, probably associated with users' preference to receive messages with informative content over advertising promotions.
DEMs are most effective only if they are sent to well-profiled segments.
statistiche ctr invio newsletter

Call to action
It is also very important to include clear calls to action in the newsletter, this greatly increases the forwarding effect by actually expanding the audience reached by the newsletter.
newsletter call to action

Opening rates by product sector
The study also differentiated opening rates with respect to the recipient's product sector. The difference could be justified by the presence in some areas of a user audience that is more predisposed, and therefore active, toward digital communication channels.
percentuale apertura newsletter per settore merceologico

Responsiveness to email received
User responsiveness rate was also analyzed. In each nation of the world, the user reacts differently to receiving a message. The analysis was done through an indicator called CTOR ( CLICK-TO-OPEN RATE ), which indicates the percentage of users who clicked on the message compared to those who opened the e-mail at least once.CTOR is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens.

percentuale CTOR nel mondo

Reporting Abuse - Feedback Loop ( FBL )
It occurs when the user, upon receiving the email, reports it to their ISP as spam.
An average acceptable FBL rate ranges from 0.2% to 0.6%. An increase in the FBL rate should be a wake-up call with respect to the approach given to our marketing campaign.
percentuale feedback loop mediamente accettabile

Reports of spam by list maintainers should be handled appropriately. You must immediately remove the sender from the list to prevent the sender from acquiring a bad reputation. Over time, all his messages will be delivered to the spam folder, not only for that user but for all users of the same webmail system.

The 10 rules to reduce the rate of abuse/spam reports and improve your reputation
1 - Send only to those who have given explicit consent.
2 - Send content expected by the recipient, consistent with the purpose of the entry.
3 - Frequency of mailing must be in line with the recipient's expectations and possibly communicated even before enrollment.
4 - Simple (max 2 clicks) and highly visible unsubscription.
5 - Recognizability: graphics and sender must be clear and consistent with those communicated at the time of registration.
6 - Send an initial welcome message immediately after enrollment.
7 - Remember at the bottom of the page where the address was collected.
8 - Allow editing of preferences (attendance, address change, profile...).
9 - Automate the removal of those who click on "report as spam."
10 - Do not send infrequent (every 2 months) or widely delayed emails after enrollment.

Social media
condivisione newsletter sui social network
Facebook still leads the way in this regard. Important not to underestimate sharing...this is a free tool by which newsletter content can be delivered even to those not on our list.
In this sense, it would be useful to include in the newsletter also a form for subscribing to the list this way casual readers could be translated into future users.

The most popular providers
i provider email piu diffusi
Hotmail ( 28% ) takes the win followed by Libero ( 22% ) and Gmail ( 13% )

tempi di apertura della newsletter
More than 15% of openings already occur within the first hour, within 2 hours 27% of recipients have opened and read communications.
Almost three-quarters of emails are read within 24 hours. It should be noted that the decrease in open times has also occurred due to tablets and smartphones, and this relates to the previous discussion on the need to realize responsive newsletters

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Download MailUp's 2013 Email Marketing Observatory here.

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