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Among the many possible strategies a company can adopt to structure its online presence, the creation of a corporate Facebook page to be managed through Facebook Business Manager is one of the most popular options. More and more companies are choosing to entrust their communication to a Facebook page, well aware of its potential in terms of visibility and business opportunities. Facebook Business Manager greatly facilitates teamwork in web marketing and is indispensable to those who intend to structure themselves properly to promote their company on Facebook.

What is Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that enables the management of corporate Facebook pages, of Instagram and its associated tools such as advertising accounts.
It is a free tool that allows you to make the most of the possibilities given by Facebook to communicate the value of your brand to your audience and make yourself visible to your customers, whether they are already loyal or only potential, within one of the platforms on which they spend a good part of their time.
You need a business page to start using it, so let's see together How to create a business Facebook page.

Creating a good business page on Facebook

A good corporate Facebook page should contain all the essential information regarding your business. Put yourself in your potential customer's shoes and include everything they might need: any opening hours of your business, useful contact information, links back to your website or to accounts on other social networks. Make sure that people who land on your business page have valid reasons to stay there as long as possible and want to look for more information. You can enrich your page with additional sections where you can include the products and services you offer, and complement this with a call-to-action (CTA) button that guides the user to take the action you want (book an appointment, request a quote, contact you for more information). By enabling the reviews section, testimonials from satisfied customers will only make a great impression on users who explore your page.

How Facebook Business Manager works: role organization and employee privacy

Using Facebook Business Manager allows you to reach a more professional level and put in place a business account management that goes far beyond the simple personal accounts of individuals. Indeed, it will be possible to coordinate and manage the roles of the people involved in the communication process in an absolutely orderly and pragmatic way, giving each person a precise role and with it only the strictly necessary permissions.
Once you have created your company account, you can add your collaborators to the platform in a manner consistent with their roles. The first choice you will need to make in adding a collaborator to the account is between person e partners.
People are those within the 'business. There are two types of people within Business Manager with roles that have entirely different possibilities and levels of authorization:
  1. the first role is that of theadministrator who, as is easy to guess, has unlimited powers in managing the advertising account;
  2. the second role is that of the employee, which can act only on those parts of the account for which it has received specific authorization from the administrator.
Partners, on the other hand, are external to the company. They can be Creact Digital Agency, for example, or another company or an external collaborator. By adding a partner to our advertising account we will be able to define specific access limits and permissions to allow them to fulfill their role.
With this ordered and branched structure, each person will have access (and the ability to make changes) only to the account elements that pertain to him or her, protecting the confidentiality of the advertising account and streamlining work management.

Safeguarding the Brand and Privacy of Managers

The opportunity given by the professional platform of Facebook and Instagram pages is to be able to take care of the management of the page without necessarily having to provide the company with its own private profile.
This is an advantage for both the brand and those in charge of management.
By changing providers, in fact, only the owner of the page will be aware of it and not its audience.
It will have no data loss problems because the business account allows total visibility into activities and total control over access to one's "social properties."
The social media manager will not have to give up his "social privacy." In fact, he will only need his Facebook profile to validate access when he first logs in. He will then be able to log in with his corporate account.

Why use Facebook Business Manager: advertising campaigns

The basic functions concerning the creation of a corporate Facebook page have long been implemented directly through one's personal account. With the introduction of Facebook Business Manager, however, Facebook has taken this type of marketing to an extremely higher and far more professional level.
By creating and setting up an advertising account on Facebook Business Manager you will be able to promote your business Facebook page in a simple yet highly effective and widespread way.
You will be able to study a strategy composed of articulated campaigns, which, thanks to Facebook Business Manager, you will be able to plan, break down and organize quickly and neatly.
As from your private profile, you will be able to structure targeted advertising campaigns, choosing exactly how much to invest and outlining the target audience to whom your sponsored posts should be directed. You will be able to geolocate your campaigns, promoting your posts and making them visible only to people within a certain distance of your business. You will be able to choose your target audience based on their gender, age, even their interests and tastes stated by them through likes on pages on the social network.

Making the best use of Facebook Business Manager

As you may have guessed, this is a tool with extremely interesting potential, if used well. Managing a company Facebook page through an advertising account on Facebook Business Manager is a necessary prerequisite to the implementation of a marketing strategy based on an integrated approach.
Set the Facebook Business Manager still requires valuable time. Therefore, if you want to be sure to fully exploit the potential of Facebook Business Manager and maximize the resources at your disposal, you might consider outsourcing the service to Creact Digital Agency. We include Facebook Business Manager setup in all social media marketing services. Otherwise, you can always start with the Facebook Business Manager main page and connect your corporate Facebook page.

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