How much does a digital project cost?

By August 24, 2022 Digital Stories
I am the CEO of a digital agency, and the question I get asked most often is about the expense involved in developing a website or app.

The problem is. the cost of a digital project that works is not standardizable, as it depends on the business and numerous choices and options available. However, there are criteria by which a preliminary estimate is drawn up.

Let's take a look together at what lowers or raises prices in a digital project estimate.

How to quantify the costs of basic elements

A digital project, be it an app or a website, inevitably entails specific costs for businesses and companies. However, it is an indispensable expense aimed at promoting one's brand.

Going to quantify the average price of a particular product is difficult because there are many variables that make it more complex to give a detailed figure.

In fact, there is a difference between developing an application and a website in that they have different purposes and functionalities which consequently require specific work that can cost precisely a few hundred euros or tens of thousands of euros for the most articulated and sophisticated projects.

For example, an ordinary website theoretically can be built and maintained by anyone with the rudiments to do so. In reality, this is a type of endeavor that should only be done by those who are truly experienced and knowledgeable to avoid wasting money on a result that is not up to par.

In the expenditure for the creation of a website some basic technical fundamentals must be taken into account. The first element to be evaluated is the domain, the cost of which can vary depending on the type and extent of it. In many cases it costs around 20-25 euros per year.

Another component to consider is the hosting provider, whose monthly fees can range from a few euros up to 200 euros for corporate plans.

Next, the following come into play. the functionalities the site will need to have, namely how many pages it will have, photos, videos, and whether an e-commerce department and customer area is planned.

The number of functions to be implemented and the level of complexity of the project's information architecture are certainly among the factors responsible for the increase in price, along with the demand for extreme customization of appearance. For example, the presence of animations and alternative configurations worked out for some devices.

The further the function to be implemented is from the basic system, the longer it will take to get the desired flow And this will raise development costs.

Designing the navigation flow of an e-commerce having only data from the business management system is extremely complex, and a good information architecture requires to be tested on a sample of users by competent professionals.

As for the applications, the discourse is more or less equivalent. Only the tools and platforms involved for development change.

Certainly, an app is designed to work on mobile devices, and the approach to creating it will be different from that of a web portal. In addition, apps must ensure an experience of simplified navigation And increase customer engagement.

That said, the guideline cost of an app is even more complex to identify first of all because there are various categories of apps that can be native, hybrid, web-app and PWA.

Each type involves the Android operating system, iOS, or both, and consequently the price differs according to the amount of work required in development.

Added to this are then the costs related to theback-end infrastructure and to theapp administration, as well as expenses for the graphics and design part and the functionality included in the project.

Lastly, the promotion of the application on app-stores, known as the ASO (App Store Optimization). The goal is to have better positioning on digital stores than competitors.

In light of these factors, it is really hard to put a figure on how much one can spend to develop an app. One can simply identify an approximate range ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 euros. For very complex and articulated apps, one can even go beyond this threshold.

Savings if the developer works remotely?

The remote work is now an established reality, and it has been proven that working in a different location than the office does not affect job performance.

Indeed, many workers in the digital sector take advantage of this opportunity, which is particularly valued because they can have your own time as they prefer, of course within work deadlines.

However, when the mode of work affects the cost of your site or app, the vendor assumes that its remote collaborators are less performing because he does not have total control over them.

This is indicative of a lack of seriousness in digital project management. Before entrusting them with yours, think twice.

Can I save money by doing something on my own?

Of course, if a person has the basic IT knowledge, he or she can also do it himself or herself, taking care of the project independently. However, it is a risk that does not always bear fruit for the enterprise.

Indeed, DIY is never synonymous with saving money because those who lack sufficient skills can cause irreversible damage, undermining the foundations of a digital product. Everyone must do their own work and devote themselves only to what they are prepared for, without improvising anything.

So, it is good to rely on Agencies that are highly qualified and specialized in the industry and are able to provide results of a certain level.

Can I save money by providing graphics?

You can only do this if you are a professional designer. As they say, the eye wants its share too, and that is why you should not skimp on the graphic component which plays a key role in capturing the customer's attention.

The Web is no longer in its infancy, and the level of complexity reached makes uncompetitive all those realities that do not rely on experts capable of performing preliminary studies on the target audience.

It is therefore preferable to rely on professionals such as the UX Designer which give you a not inconsiderable advantage over your increasingly cutthroat competition.

Can I save money by providing the texts?

All project texts that point to a specific marketing outcome entrusted to the agency need a special attention and attention to detail.

Just as with graphics, relying on experts is the best way to achieve satisfactory results for the company.

Today, agencies have copywriter or content writer who are committed to producing targeted and Seo-optimized texts for better search engine rankings.

In short, even this aspect of the project should only be attended to by qualified and competent personnel so as not to undermine all the work done upstream.

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