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Flexible work: Google's report on 5000 employees

Lavorare da remoto

9 Aprile 2020 - Digital Stories

Already for about 3 years, Creact has collaborators who work remotely and promotes flexible work, compatibly with deadlines and delivery times.

Veronica Gilrane, who works for Google as People Analytics Manager, shared an interesting research on the company’s official blog. In this research, called Working together when we’re not together, the quality of the performances is analyzed in relation to the way of working, and the following results emerged.

Employment or remote working

No differences in performance or career advancement were identified for individuals and teams whose work requires collaboration with colleagues from around the world, compared to those of collaborators who spend most of the day working with colleagues in the same office.

Well-being standards appear to be equally uniform: Googlers who are not on-site find ways to balance work and private life, giving priority to important rituals such as healthy night sleep and exercise just like team members who are not distributed.

On the other hand, a disadvantage is the amount of organization needed to arrange a video chat when you are on different time zones: it certainly requires much more use of energy than organizing a face-to-face meeting over coffee.

Best practices for organizing Googlers

  • Formulating an open-ended question at the beginning of meetings, such as << What did you do this weekend?>>, is an easy way to establish a more relaxed relationship with the interlocutor.
  • Avoid making assumptions about the working time that colleagues might prefer, and ask them directly when they wish to attend meetings: some may opt for a certain time of day if they are given a choice, or they may prefer to disconnect completely from their computers at other times.
  • Building personal and virtual connections: sometimes it is just easier to be face to face. Managers should provide clear guidelines and opportunities for team members to travel in order to join face-to-face meetings. When you have the opportunity to meet for face-to-face interactions, take advantage of these moments in order to strengthen the connections that you created virtually.