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How much does a digital project cost?

9 Aprile 2020 - Digital Stories

I am the CEO of a digital agency and the question I am asked most often concerns the cost of developing a website or an app.
The problem is that the cost of a good digital project cannot be standardized, because it depends on the business and on numerous choices.
However, there are criteria according to which a quote is drawn up.
Let’s see what makes the costs lower or rise in a digital project quote.

The costs of the basic elements

A large part of the costs is linked to the choice of the development platform. Features such as the level of diffusion of the chosen programming language, on which the documentation available for development will depend, directly affect the price of a website or the cost of developing an iOS or Android application.

The level of complexity of the project

The number of features to be implemented and the level of complexity of the information architecture of the project are certainly among the factors that make the cost increase, together with the request for extreme personalization of the appearance of a website or an app: for example the presence of animations, or alternative configurations developed for some devices.
The further the function to be implemented is distant from the basic system, the longer it will take to obtain the desired flow, and this will increase development costs.
It is extremely complex to design the navigation flow of an e-commerce by having only the company management data available, and a good information architecture also requires to be tested on a sample of users by competent professionals.

Can I save money if the developer works remotely?

Remote working is now a consolidated reality, and it is proven that working in a place other than the office does not affect performance.
If the mode of work affects the costs of your website or app, this is because the supplier assumes that his collaborators that work remotely are less performing because he does not have total control over them.
This is a sign of a lack of seriousness in the management of a digital project. Before entrusting yours to someone like that, better think twice.

Can I save money by doing something by myself?

Do-it-yourself is never a saving, because those who do not have sufficient knowledge can cause irreversible damage and undermine the foundations of a project. It is better for everyone to do their job.

Can I save money by providing the graphics myself?

You can do this only if you are a designer. The web has reached such a level of complexity that all those companies that do not rely on experts, who are able to carry out preliminary studies on the target, end up being non-competitive. Relying on experts, such as UX Designers, gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Can I save by providing the content myself?

All the texts of the projects entrusted to the agency aim at achieving a precise marketing result, and therefore need special attention. As we said for the graphics, relying on experts gives you an advantage over your competitors.