How to patent an idea for an application

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After reading my guide on making a business model canvas you definitely feel like creating your first application. Now, however, you face a small obstacle: How can I patent my application?

Fear not! This is a fairly simple operation. So don't waste any more time and find out now how to patent an application thanks to the directions below. Let me reassure you immediately: if you want to receive a cost estimate for the application development you can request Creact's signature of a non-disclosure agreement NDA.

What is a patent?

But what is a patent? According to Wikipedia the patent (or more properly patent for invention) "is a legal title by virtue of which the owner is granted an exclusive right to exploit the invention, in a specified territory and for a specified period, and which allows him to prevent others from producing, selling or using the invention without authorization"
Article 45 of the Industrial Property Code indicates what the requirements for patenting are.

What can I patent?

Inventions, utility models, new plant varieties are subject to patenting. Trademarks, designs, topographies of semiconductor products are subject to registration. Distinctive signs other than registered trademarks, confidential business information, geographical indications and appellations of origin are protected, subject to legal requirements.

Patent Priority Search

To check whether the requirements for a patent application are met, it is first necessary to do a prior art search ( are available online free databases for prior art search ). A registered professional is recommended for patent writing.Register of Industrial Property Consultants

The procedure then begins with the background search and ends with the issuance of the certificate of concession after both formal and substantive verifications.

Should you wish to try to file your patent yourself, you can download the forms necessary to complete the application.

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